Meet the Team

What’s up everyone? Welcome to Not an Anime where you’ll see reviews on anime, TV shows (western and asian), and video games.

The name for this blog, Not an Anime, is inspired by a saying that a friend ours used to say every time we told him that the Touhou series was an anime. It was a pretty funny joke when it first started out, but now he’ll only get mad if we keep at it…

Team Members

Rebel (Jonathan) – Founder and Blogger

Growing up, it was always the Dragon Ball Z video games, Yu-Gi-Oh! card game, and random manga volumes. I started watching “real” anime in middle school starting with Sword Art Online. Since then, anime has been like a drug addiction to me and I founded this blog during the summer of 2017. Expect me to write stuff on anime, tokusatsu, western tv shows and movies, and anything I find interesting to wanna write about.

Silentblueninja (Niles) – Blogger
Hey, I’m a dude that writes and does art. I also watch anime and I’m super casual about watching. I read more manga than I watch anime, but that’s ok. Don’t expect me to tell you my opinion on current anime on the season, but rather retro or early 2000s kinds. My first anime was Dragon Ball Z as a very young child and my love for the art style really sparked, but I also watched fully through Lucky Star.

After writing the Death Note Netflix Movie review, I stick around for writing my opinions.

Ducklife (Jordan) – Bloggerweebshitmemes

I’m a college student with too much time on my hands who gets way too hyped over games, anime, and manga. I grew up with big action shonens like One Piece, Naruto and FMA, and weird shit my dad showed me when I was way too young, as well as a love for writing. I’m a sucker for weird and unique premises, and like to look at storytelling with a critical eye.

I’m a friend of Jonathan and was invited to write here, so guess I’ll be rambling about random stuff occasionally.

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Hope you enjoy the content!