Blog Update

I’m not sure how long it has been since I last touched this site. I had finals in college and Niles’ been traveling… A LOT. I’ve been spending the last few months helping out my cousins who just graduated from high school and helping them prepare for high school. I just finished my first year of community college and finally finished up my general education courses. I’m planning on majoring in English, so I’ve been speaking with my counselors on my future goals and what courses I should be taking. I’m only just done with planning out my summer and fall semesters, so I probably won’t be doing anything too fun this summer except maybe go hang out with some of my friends in the city.

But other than that, my life has been quite hectic as you can see, and Niles did come back for a little bit during Spring Break. I asked him how his reviews were going on, and he’s been straight up busy with overseas school, exams, training, and traveling, so it doesn’t leave much room for concentrating on blog reviews.

Since both Niles and I are planning on slowing down the number of reviews we’re gonna write on here, since we’re both not going to binge entire series’ that much anymore, we’re abandoning this site.

No, just kidding. We’re still gonna post, but not as many reviews as before. Yeah, I kinda set aside a video game I was playing that I was going to review and post here to focus on school work.

But we still got stuff for you here. Stay tuned. In fact, you’ll probably see one of these things pop up in the next couple hours or so.



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