Spring 2018 – Watching Season

The Spring season of 2018 is fast approaching us next week, and I feel it’s time to tell you all what I’ll be definitely watching.

My Hero Academia, Season 3

Now this one is probably the biggest and most anticipated title to premiere this season, having dominated popularity charts in the last two years it’s been on air. I’ve personally never read the manga unfortunately, since Bones’ been extremely faithful in bringing the story out in anime form instead (plus some anime exclusive characters and stories). Plus Funimation is having a same-day simuldub, so this one is definitely a watch from me.

Steins;Gate, Season 2: Steins;Gate 0

Toping at #4 of MyAnimeList, Steins;Gate returns with a second season titled 0. I’m actually really excited for this one since the first season was amazingly awesome. I did play some of the visual novel game for this, although I never finished it. Still, another most anticipated title this season that’s going on my watchlist!

Shokugeki no Soma, Season 3: Third Plate – 2nd cour 

This is probably another anime that rivals My Hero Academia in anticipation due to it’s popularity in the last couple of years. I read the manga, and yes it makes me extremely happy to see Production I.G. continue on to make the show. Another show on my watchlist!

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online

There is actually a lot of controversy about Sword Art Online (no shit there is!). But I can promise you, you won’t be disappointed with this spin-off. Taking place in the same universe as the prime-SAO world, it features an all new cast that does NOT include Kirito (although a reference might happen here and there). I’m particularly excited for this one because I’m a huge fan of Sword Art Online, and my first exposure to these characters was the Alternative manga and the Fatal Bullet game. This is definitely going on my watchlist!

Persona 5: The Animation

If anyone is excited about Persona 5 getting an anime, it would be me. I beat the game three times, accumulating over 200 hours on it just to complete the compendium. I’m already like literally geeking out over the first six minutes of the first episode, and now I can hardly wait! BIG YES TO MY WATCHLIST! Hope this also gets an English Dub…








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