Not An Anime – 2018 and it’s Future

You guys probably haven’t really seen much activity going on here, and that’s partly due to the fact that we’re just busy as hell, and haven’t had much time to watch anything, especially full series. Both Niles and I are full-time college students and I’m sure that everyone knows that college is a crucial time to a person since it determines where their lives will go after they graduate.

I will admit that I had some reviews ready to write. I watch something and start a review, but I put it off to do something else. By time I come back here and find it’s unfinished, I don’t remember much about the show anymore, so it just sits there unfinished and later gets deleted. This is the case with most of the shows that I’ve seen recently. My style is that I finish an anime and review as a whole, not “watch an episode and review it” every week, no that’s not my thing. And that’s all I’ve been doing with my free-time, watching all the new shows and not doing reviews on it.

Niles on the other hand… well he has a weird schedule, hence you might have noticed that he hasn’t posted anything since his Death Note review. Well the thing is that when Niles and I first started this blog, we were still seniors in high school and he had just gone overseas for college. And since college had first started for the both of us, homework and assignments weren’t heavy, so we had time to at least spend an hour or two to watch it and review it. Also, Niles is a huge Death Note fan so he was really enthusiastic about it and had to do a review on it. But Niles’ college started to have weekly tests just shortly after so, and most of his free-time was spent going all around the world like Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and back here to America to hang out. For me, I’m just watching all the ongoing anime’s and not reviewing them (much).

As for the future of the blog…. DO NOT WORRY! I’ve been gaming a lot and I have a review coming up for a game I’m playing, so it’ll be up once I’m done playing it and writing the review. I spoke with Niles’ recently and he has a lot of reviews coming up as well to mark his re-debut, so look forward to that.

But yeah that’s it. Hope you’ll stay along for the ride and see what we have in the future.
Thanks, Rebel and Niles.


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