2018 Winter Anime Season – What Am I or Am I NOT Watching

It’s been about a month and a half since the last post was written on this blog, and I feel it’s time to revitalize that engine which has been off since way before Christmas. The first new post of 2018 will explore the Winter 2018 anime season and I’m gonna be telling you what I’m watching and what I will not be watching.


Pop Team Epic / Poptepic

Oh this hilarious 4-panel manga that literally took the world by storm after the anime was announced. To be frank, there isn’t any actual plot in Pop Team Epic aside from these two girls who you see sitting on that porch getting involved in short and silly humor that’ll just laugh your asses off.  One thing that intrigues me is that this also received an English Dub as well, which then I questioned myself, “How is this gonna work in English?” Fair enough, the answer was Christopher Sabat himself. And honestly, I feel it’s gonna work out just fine.

Death March to The Parallel World Rhapsody 

Honestly, I wasn’t too sure on what to expect from this anime, but it seems that the Isekai genre is really going all out with these types of stories. Sure, it might have worked with Re:Zero, but at least Subaru wasn’t invincible. After watching a couple of episodes of Death March, I can wholeheartedly say that this nothing but a carbon copy of Isekai Smartphone. Teenaged protagonist? Check. Harem? Check. Overpowered abilities? Wants to be like Re:Zero? Check. Need I say more?

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens

Now this is one anime I’m really enjoying so far. As silly as the title may sound, the subject matter is entirely the opposite. Taking place in the real world without any magic or supernatural abilities whatsoever, all the action solely stems on the drama and the yakuza-like elements within the show. They say that Hakata is the city in Japan in which the majority of it’s citizens are hitmen, which is probably the craziest thing I’ve heard all day. I remember watching this documentary on Japan, particularly about Hakata and they’re famous for their Tonkotsu Ramen, which isn’t too far off from the title I guess.

Record of Grancrest War 

Ah the anime that I was the most hype for, but ultimately failed to meet my expectations. While I say hype, I only meant that as a “completely new fantasy anime that came out”, and not the “keeping up with the novel or manga”, although I’ve heard of the name before but never read it. As I was watching the first episode, they literally rushed through the introductions like they weren’t important. I was hoping they’d change that in the upcoming episodes, but by the time the 4th episode came by, the girl had already developed feelings for the main protagonist out of nowhere. I’ll probably continue watching this just because I like the action so far, but the plot really needs to slow down a bit and stop cutting corners.

A Place Further than the Universe

An anime that finally drives itself away from the cliches of the world. I was pretty much expecting a lot from this anime, seeing how “special” the synopsis we were given. The first episode started off a bit slow, but lets’ hope it’ll change with all the drama later on.

Skilled Teaser Takagi-san 

Interestingly enough, I had actually heard of the manga before it was even announced for an anime but I never got around to reading. The plot simply follows Nishikata as he tries to get back at Takagi for her endless barrage of tricks, only to fail and fall for even more of her tricks again. I’d actually recommend this for anyone who’s up for laughs and some implied romance.

Violet Evergarden

One of the most hyped anime since the first episode was shown at Anime Expo last year. I’ve been excited for it since they said it was airing on Netflix in January. But there is only one thing I can say for sure. “FUCK NETFLIX!” It’s not streaming in the US, which is kinda dumb and stupid if you ask me. Wonder when they’ll actually release it where we can see it? I’ll be waiting….

Darling in the FranXX
Now this one was actually announced pretty early on of 2017 when Studio Trigger announced their collaboration with A-1 Pictures and they were working on several new projects together. One of them had an end result of a new sci-fi mecha series which honestly doesn’t look bad at all. I haven’t gotten to watching this yet, but I’m excited to.

Fate/Extra: Last Encore

This is one of the anime’s that I remember being announced back in mid-2016, but literally no news about it surfaced until later in 2017. It’s being animated by Studio Shaft, who are famous for their work on the Monogatari series. For a franchise with so many different anime being worked on by different studios, I really doubt they’re really related to each other at all. We’ve had Studio Deen for the first FSN, then Ufotable for UBW and Heaven’s Feel, then A-1 for Apocrypha, and now Shaft for Extra. Studio Deen was horrible, but both Ufotable and A-1 are highly trusted studios to give good adaptations. I trust Shaft will do the same too.

Junji Ito Collection
maxresdefault (2)

If there was one genre I would not enjoy, it would be horror. The same could probably be said for Junji Ito Collection, an anthology of anime based on the stories writen by Junji Ito, said to be the pioneer of horror manga. I’ve read reviews on MyAnimeList and most of them are good reviews, but there was one thing they all had in common. It was good for those who do really enjoy horror, but that’s not me. I couldn’t even sit through half of Paranormal Activity and I even get scared at night sometimes. So yeah…. this one is a no from me.

Katana Maidens 

As far-fetched as the series may sound, if you think about it, it’s not so weird. Basically a whole bunch of girls wield swords to fight monsters and while going to school, they’re allowed to bring their sword along with them. Every year, the girls enter a tournament to fight each other with their swords. Yep, not weird at all.

I will admit that this season isn’t the best lineup, but there are some really promising titles so far and I hope it’ll stay this way.



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