TV Show Review | Crisis on Earth-X Part 1&2 – Supergirl and Arrow


Arrowverse crossovers have been a tradition since The Flash first began in 2014, where both shows’ casts appeared on each others shows. With the addition of both Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl, the crossovers have been larger than ever, and this year is about to get wild.

Last year, Supergirl was already a part of the Arrowverse, but the producers failed to make her show a proper addition to Invasion!. This would not be the case this year, however, as it’s all about to start from the very beginning of Supergirl. Crisis On Earth-X aired it’s first two parts tonight, and is concluding with the last two tomorrow

Tonight’s episodes started off nice and slow. They took their time to establish all the characters in one place to finally converge into one single and simple wedding, well maybe not so simple after all, especially when Nazis invade a superhero’s wedding. The ignition to light that fire was magnificent to start off the invasion, directly at the wedding. When our heroes were fighting the Nazis with their powers, I was somewhat a bit worried about their identities being revealed, but they solved in a flash, which was good.

Kara sings “Runnin’ Home to You”

During the set-up part, we got a lot of humor and delightful scenes that would otherwise be out of place during the later part such as, Kara singing at the wedding, the one-night-stand between Sara and Alex, and some Spider-Man name dropping here and there.


From an early standpoint, the identities of the Earth-X intruders were revealed to be doppelgängers of our heroes. Oliver did mention his Earth-X counterpart had the exact same fighting styles as him, thus it basically confirmed Dark Arrow’s identity right there, although it wasn’t like the teasers hadn’t already told us anyway. Same goes with Overgirl. We first saw her hovering but the first shot only showed us her feet, and we wouldn’t see her entire body (and hair which matches Kara) during the church scene. Prometheus also turns out to be Earth-X Tommy Merlyn, who, like Earth-1 Tommy, is Earth-X Oliver’s best friend. He has somewhat of a sad backstory, having never attended regular school, but joined the military as a child. He finds Earth-1 Oliver to be weak and pathetic compared to Earth-X Oliver, who is said to be at least 10 times stronger and crueler than Hitler himself. In the end, he kills himself hoping that X-Oliver would kill 1-Oliver.

The only reveal that I was shocked by, but disappointed at the same time would be Eobard Thawne. While it was shocking to hear that he isn’t The Flash from Earth-X (Barry might not even exist), but he’s actually the one and only Eobard from our Earth-1, plus he stole the Harrison Wells from Earth-X’s face just to cater to Barry. Honestly it feels like they’re milking the character too much now, even with Damien Darkh, these recycled villains seem a bit too underwhelming. Eobard was the main antagonist of Flash S1, and Legends S2, and I’m too dumbfounded to hear they’re milking him out again.

One of the things that had me thinking was the mysterious girl who approached Barry with some drinks. Her dialogue had me thinking she was hitting on Barry, but I soon realized it wasn’t the case. Looking online, there are theories that this mysterious girl is either Dawn Allen, Barry and Iris’ daughter, or Jenni Ognats, their granddaughter. In the comics, both characters are speedsters and members of the Legion of Superheros, which is a major upcoming story arc in Supergirl, so her appearance could allude to Supergirl’s future, and possibly the Flash as well.

VERDICT: 8.5/10
The first night of the crossover did well to establish Earth-X and tell us what they were looking for. We got clear views of our villains’ character and intents, but it’s still disappointing to see Eobard being recycled again. 




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