Movie Review | Justice League


If there is one thing that pisses me off about superhero films, it’s a horribly developed villain. For years after the original Batman films had came out, we were already being teased that DC was making a Justice League film, and actors were being considered. The movie finally came out in 2017…. but to a rather disappointment.

The first flaw I had noticed was the lame structure behind Stepphenwolf, the main antagonist for the film. The set up behind him had no depth at all, and was the epitome of cliche bad guys, which follow the formula of most. While Ciaran Hinds did a fantastic job portraying the character, Stepphenwolf is an uninteresting villain at best, having no good reason as to why he wants the Mother Boxes.

The heroes themselves were all over the place. Forming the initial line-up of the Justice League, we have Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg, which was formed from the inspiration of Superman’s heroic actions back in Dawn of Justice.

I believe it would have been so much better if had excluded Superman from the entire film, because of how easily he took down Stepphenwolf, a villain who was already horribly developed. It was also unnecessary to have him “race’ The Flash (at least during the battle), since he himself could have handled it on his own. It also caused unnecessary tension between him and the heroes after his revival, which lead to an unneeded scene between him and both Lois and Martha.

A huge tick I cannot get off my mind is how poorly Barry Allen is portrayed in this film, compared to his Arrowverse counterpart played by Grant Gustin. While both Flashes received their powers in a similar matter, they both are entirely different. Grant’s Flash was already a CSI working for the CCPD before being struck by lightning, thus he becomes the Flash with help and villains to fight, and is given time to grow into the role. Ezra’s Flash however basically feels like everything handed to him on a silver platter. In the film, you see him as a college student who lives alone and somehow manages a supercomputer set-up by himself without any apparent help, and also a Flash suit made up of something that even Batman is impressed of. Even his fighting styles are an embarrassment, like his unnecessary stances and hand movements before he begins running, and his clumsiness just for the sake of adding humor into the film. Also the lightning that he leaves behind doesn’t really look comic-accurate, or even Arrowverse-accurate. Despite this being a $300 million budget film, they could have at least fixed his lightning.

The more you watch this film, the more it feels like Avengers, or rather a very poor rip-off of it anyways. That’s what you get for hiring the guy who did Avengers anyway. You can’t deny that the fight choreography was amazing though, that I can say.

VERDICT 6.5/10
Despite the humor and magnificent acting, it couldn’t save the film from its heavy usage of CGI, poor depth of villain, the unnecessary scenes involving Superman himself, and the poor portrayal of The Flash himself. In the end, this film doesn’t live up to the fan’s needs and only serves to hype up fanboys who just want the action. 




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