Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FINAL – What We Know So Far and What We Want to See

We’re nearing the end of 2017, and news have rocketed that Emperor Akihito is retiring sometime late-2017, early 2018 due to health issues. Although technically in Japan, the Heisei Era doesn’t end until Akihito dies, and there aren’t really any laws surrounding throne abdication, so the Government of Japan are actually still trying to consider whenever to make that possible so he can step down before his death and begin the new era with his son.

Enough with Japanese government news and on with the main topic at hand. With Akihito dying (or retiring depending on the laws), the Heisei Era is coming to an end. In this case, Build will be the last of his era, and we’re getting a huge crossover film this Christmas. Heisei Generations FINAL is the second Heisei Generations film, with the first from last year, which served as Ex-Aid and Ghost’s Movie War. Both Heiei Generation Movie Wars feature Riders from the Neo-Heisei Era (which is basically any rider post-Decade). We had an Ex-Aid heavy story last year, which explored deep into Emu’s past and how he was Patient Zero. That storyline was resolved by the end of Ex-Aid, and now this year we’re moving onto a whole new story that doesn’t revolve just around him, but others as well.

The hype for the film has increased these past several months as we reach closer to the release date for the film. From what we’ve seen so far, here’s what we know:

The film will feature the return of four riders from the past, with their original actors reprising their roles.



  • Gentaro Kisaragi / Kamen Rider Fourze – Sota Fukushi. We last saw Gentaro out of suit in Movie War Ultimatum. His most recent reprisal of Fourze was a voice-only role in Super Hero Taisen Z. It’s been five years since Fourze ended, so he should be a teacher now.
  • Takeru Tenkuji / Kamen Rider Ghost – Shun Nishime. We saw him last year in the first Heisei Generations film. It’s only been a year, so Takeru is probably still a student.
  • Sento Kiryu / Kamen Rider Build – Atsuhiro Inukai. His TV show is airing right now.
  • Emu Hojo / Kamen Rider Ex-Aid – Hiroki Iijima. Last seen during the final episode of Ex-Aid and the True Ending film.
  • Kouta Kazuraba / Kamen Rider Gaim – Gaku Sano. We last saw Kouta out of suit in Movie War Full Throttle. Heisei Generations was Gaim’s most recent appearance using Sano’s voice clips.  He’s a god of another world right now, so wonder what’s so important he finally had to come to Earth for.
  • And finally, Eiji Hino / Kamen Rider OOO, portrayed by Shu Watanabe. We last saw him in Movie War Ultimatum. As of current announcements, he’s the most senior Rider of the group. At this moment, he’s probably still traveling around with a pair of underwear.
  • We also get Ankh back as well who’s Eiji’s partner in crime-fighting. He’s not a Rider but still worth mentioning. We last saw him “die” in Movie War Mega Max, and Eiji promised to bring him back to life then. If he’s in this film, than Eiji probably succeeded.

Kamen Rider Kabuto:
On set, Kamen Rider Brave was seen fighting Kamen Rider Kabuto, Hyper Form. We haven’t seen Hiro Mizushima on set, so we can probably assume he won’t reprise his role.


The Main Villain: Kaisei Mogami / Kaiser 
The main antagonist of the film is a mad scientist who’s hellbent on destroying humanity for some reason we don’t yet know of. If it’s world domination, then I smell Foundation X coming. BTW, his transformed form is SICK AF!!!


The Main Plot/Story:
The film is supposed to take place right after Ex-Aid: True Ending, right after Build takes away Emu’s powers. The only problem is, Sento doesn’t remember a thing. Meanwhile Ryuga is sent into an alternate universe where the Ex-Aid Riders are. Now is time for them to team up with Riders from the past and save the universe from a mad scientist.

That’s all coming from the announcements and promos we’ve been given. Now let’s talk about what we want from this film. It’s the final chapter of the Heisei Era and we want it to go all out with a bang.

1. Kamen Rider W
As of this film, every Neo-Heisei Rider has reprised their role in a recent Movie War film…. all except W, the first rider of the Neo era. Right now, the closest thing we got is the Fuuto Detective manga that’s going on right now, with a promotional image recently done by Renn Kiriyama and Masaki Suda on the front page magazine. Budget-wise, it’ll probably be too expensive to get Suda back because of his popularity in Japan. Kiriyama is probably busy filming his new thriller drama series, Code: M. He has the lead role in that drama, so filming will obviously up a LOT of time.

2. Foundation X
These guys are quite notorious for researching Rider powers. They first appeared in Kamen Rider W to back up Museum for their development of the Gaia Memories. After the Sonozaki family fell through, they took over the Gaia Impact, a huge machine that would turn everyone into Dopants. However W defeated them and destroyed the machine. With Gaia Memories no longer in production, they moved on to researching Core Medals and Astroswitches, which lead to the storylines found in OOO and Fourze and eventually MegaMax. One of the leaders managed to combine Medal, Switch, and Memory technology to transform himself into a monster, but he’s eventually defeated by OOO. Later, the Zodiarts (Fourze antagonists) were seen working with Foundation X members. The leader of the Zodiarts hadn’t been sharing Astroswitch research results with Foundation X, which then lead to his death and defeat by Fourze.

In the following years, they really haven’t been seen until Ex-Aid, where one FX member was seen dealing a Rider Gashat. Considering the fact that were around sometime last year, we can probably assume they had their eyes around the Wizard Rings, Lockseeds, Shift Cars, and Eyecons, and possibly the Full Bottles that Build uses. Foundation X seems to be the ultimate backer in most villain organizations in Kamen Rider, and it would be great to finally see their demise in some form or another.

3. New Forms 
This is probably the most unlikely due to budget restraints and creative reasonings but I feel like the Riders need new forms, possibly a stronger powered-up version over their final forms. Here’s my thinking:
Kamen Rider OOO
OOO’s final form is the Putotyra Combo, which is basically an evil form that makes OOO go out of control every time he uses it. Honestly I consider his true final form to be the Tajador Combo, which not only is as strong as Putotyra, but it also encompasses Ankh’s powers as well. In most other media, Putotyra has been representing OOO has the final form, but it would be great for Eiji to use this form instead, which looks cooler and give Ankh some respect.

Kamen Rider Fourze
Fourze’s final form is Cosmic States, which combines the power of all 40 Astroswitches in Fourze’s arsenal. Fourze technically has gotten stronger than Cosmic by ascending to Fusion States using both Meteor and Nadeshiko’s powers, but they’re not here in this film. It would be cool to see Fourze using other rider’s powers in some form and access Fusion once more.

Kamen Rider Gaim
Gaim’s final form is Kiwami Arms, accessed by utilizing the power of the Forbidden Fruit he ate to become a god. Honestly he’s already a god so I don’t really see any reason for him to ascend to anywhere beyond god-like status.

Kamen Rider Ghost
Ghost’s final form is Mugen Damashi, which is the power of his soul combined with the hopes of the people. We see him use this form in the first Heisei Generations film, but had his ass handed to him. He then accesses a new form called Tenkatoitsu Damashi, which combined three Eyecons into one for a new form that was stronger than Mugen. Here’s to hopes that Takeru will try that fusion once again to access an even stronger form.

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
Ex-Aid’s final form is Hyper Muteki, which basically makes him invincible. He’s not affected by negative statuses and can access all the weapons from the other Riders. At this point, he’s just overpowered, so I don’t see a point in adding in a new form for him.


Kamen Rider Build
Build is still airing at the moment, and we won’t get to see his Final Form until sometime after his 30th episode, which isn’t until May or June. So we have a LONG WAY to go. Meanwhile we could be seeing a new upgrade form soon, like how Ex-Aid unlocked Mighty Brothers XX last year. If I recall, Build has an super-version of RabbitTank called RabbitTank Sparkling. My theory is that we might be seeing this new form sometime during the movie (hopefully). Rabbit_Tank_Sparkling_(Build).jpg

4. Chase’s Return
Those of you who don’t exactly recall Chase, he’s from Drive. And yes, I’m fully aware that Shinnosuke or even Gou isn’t going to appear in this movie. But this is actually an important thing that I wish would be resolved. At the end of Drive’s run, Chase died trying to protect Gou, and Gou vowed to revive him. In later movies that took place after the final episode, Chase appears in hallucinations that Gou experiences during his journey to revive him. At the end of the epilogue movies, Chase was subsequently never revived after that. The films take place two years after Drive’s end, which places the timeline somewhere during Ex-Aid. Ex-Aid is over, which means it’s after that point now. I’m hoping we’d get to see Chase revived for the Heisei-era finale, just like Eiji and Ankh. Although chances that Taiko Kotono or Yuu Inaba returning are unknown.

5. Music
During Drive’s run, most of the songs featured in the show and its movies were sung by Mitsuru Matsuoka, who is best known for his role as Katsumi Daido, aka Kamen Rider Eternal, a villain of W’s. In my opinion, he created some of the best songs in Kamen Rider history. My personal favorite was Sing My Song for You, the theme song for Movie War Full Throttle. Lyrically, that song felt like a graduation song and it would be awesome for a song of that caliber to be featured in the film. Another good idea would be to gather all the artists who did a song for the Neo-Heisei era, Aya Kamiki, Maki Oguro, Anna Tsuchiya, Sho Kiryuin, Gaim no Kaze, Matsuoka himself, Kishidan, Daichi Miura, and Pandora for a big collab to celebrate the end of this era. That would be awesome.

6. Amazons
I’m pretty sure this one would be an unknown, but the 2016 Amazon Riders probably could get some recognition for their dark and gritty contribution to the era. I’m not expecting any of the actors to reprise their roles, but it would be nice to maybe see one of them to top it off and treat the older and more mature fans.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

I think that’s a lot of wishful thinking right there, and we’ll have to wait until the movie releases in Japan during Christmas to see what happens. Not only that, none of us are going to Japan any time soon, so we’re gonna have to wait for an English subtitled release when it releases on DVD in the summer.

What do you guys think? Any other ideas you wanna see in Heisei Generations FINAL? The movie comes out on December 9, 2017, so lets’ wait and see…


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