TV Show Review| The Flash: Season 4, Episode 1 – The Flash Reborn

My name is Barry Allen, and I’m the fastest man alive. You are, Barry and you kinda proved that tonight. Ending in a damn cliffhanger last season, Barry Allen willingly entered the Speed Force in order to re-stabilize it and stop it from wreaking havoc onto Central City. We time-skip six months later where the team has finally come up with a plan to bring our beloved Speedster back from hell.

While I was watching this episode, I was thinking of how they were going to pull this off. The Speed Force needs a captive Speedster in it in order to be stable, but what would happen if that Speedster escapes? We all saw the recuperations during Season 3’s finale, and it was pretty darn horrible. Could they put Wally inside instead? Wally was in there for a while last season and it actually fucked him up, until Jay takes his place. They wouldn’t torture the kid for a second time, I thought. When Caitlin thought up of the idea to place Barry’s genetic markers into the Speed Force to make it think Barry was still in there, I was like “you couldn’t have thought up of this six months ago?”

The ending result seemed too easy. They did too little just to gain so much. Just by sweet talking Caitlin by saying “we need you because Barry needs help” seemed a bit too little to convince that icy cold heart of hers. For the entire episode, Iris was pretty adamant on not bringing Barry back because she thinks he’s “gone” and rejected giving assistance on bringing him back, which was a bit annoying because she (out of all people) should want him back no matter what, and her personality has been quite annoying these days.

So we do ending up bringing Barry back, what’s next? Well, apparently he’s gone crazy and has been writing weird symbols on the walls everywhere. This is where it gets funny. The team finally deciphered his weird writing and it reads “This house is bitchin”, which doesn’t really have any meaning at the moment, but we’ll see. Although the pacing for bringing him back was somewhat a bit rushed there.

This week’s villain is a robotic samurai called a Samuroid sent out by our main villain. The design was cool and both Kid Flash and him exchange some weeb shit. No I’m just kidding, their Japanese sounded legit enough.

I think one of the most heart-stopping scenes in this episode was the sudden reveal of our main villain, The Thinker. Straight from the first episode, we already get a face reveal and a look at his costume and base, and they look like something out of the show’s budget.

The pacing for this episode was a bit too fast. Barry got out of the Speed Force too quickly, and the requisites to get his mentality back was too simple. Having Caitlin rejoin the team that quickly after her defunct from the previous finale was a bust as well, BUT served as great preposition for her villainous alter-ego to step into the game. I think we all can stay that this “review is bitchin’!” 



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