Anime Review | King’s Game Episode 1

You’d have to be a manga freak to really know what this anime is all about. I can say for sure that this is isn’t a direct adaption of the original manga, but more of a sequel that takes place sometime after. We see that Nobuaki, now suffering from PTSD from the previous King’s Game that took place at his former school, is reliving the same nightmare at his new school.

I will be frank with you, but I never read King’s Game, at least not the mainstream series. I did read King’s Game: Origin, which is a prequel to the original series, taking place decades before present-day. The protagonist was the father of both Chiemi and Natsuko, who participated in the deadly game during his youth. Being the only survivor, he goes on to live a life and have two daughters, whom both grew up separately after separating from his wife. At the start of the original series, Nobuaki first meets Chiemi at his first school, where he participated in the King’s Game. Chiemi and the rest of Nobuaki’s classmates all die, forcing Nobuaki (as the only survivor), to move out and go to a different school because of his PTSD. The school he enters so happens to be Natsuko’s school, the sister of Chiemi, a connection that Nobuaki makes during the first episode.

I can tell that Nobuaki is already having a hard time trying to fit in. He distances himself from his classmates in order to lessen his bonds with them, especially with Natsuko, who is intent on making him her boyfriend, despite knowing that he “has” a girlfriend. At this point, Nobuaki’s mind is going crazy. The sister of his dead girlfriend wants to kiss him, and he can’t reveal much about his past or else Natsuko might go crazy. This is a mind-fucker right there. His first warnings of the King’s Game are brushed away as a joke until the deaths happen later that midnight, and he is immediately labeled as the “killer.” The

The animation isn’t bad, especially for the gory scenes where someone dies. Facial impressions are on the mark and the blood spatters feel authentic. The other characters are simply filler for what we know. Maybe they’ll have a more important role in the future, but it’s still too early to say right now.

The pacing of this episode seems a bit rushed, as we immediately have several killings in under 30 minutes worth of screen-time. This anime might be jumping straight to the point, but it’s still worth watching for the upcoming story. 


One thought on “Anime Review | King’s Game Episode 1

  1. I didn’t know what to expect when I started this episode, but man was I in for a shock when I saw how brutal it got. I’m pretty interested in this series, and I plan on continuing the series. I am not familiar with the source material for this anime, but after reading this, I might have to look them up once this series finishes.

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