Anime Review | Dies Irae Episode 0

I’ve been waiting for this anime to release for a while now. I was suffering from Dies Irae withdrawal after finishing the visual novel just a couple months ago. Realizing that it was getting an anime, I knew I had to jump onto the moving train.

The premise is as follows: Several Nazis reappear in present day Japan and terrorize our society. In the visual novel, these Nazis have superpowers known as Creation Figments (think of it as their Shikai and Bankai from Bleach). Each of those powers have different abilities and skills that represent who they are and sets them apart from the other superpowered Nazis. In this prologue episode, those powers are seen being used but not given a name at the moment.

There was one scene in the visual novel that was being played over and over again, and it was Reinhard being killed by Karl Kraft before gaining his godly powers. That scene is omitted entirely and Reinhardt doesn’t “gain” his powers until a realization an entire month later. That’s a weird move to make on such an iconic scene that basically started this whole war in the first place.

Dies Irae was a work of art and one of my most favorite visual novels. When the trailer for the anime was released, the animation work done was pure amazement. However the prologue episode had seemed lazily drawn, especially with closeups on character faces. Animation was mediocre at best but this series was crowdfunded, so they’re probably saving up their budget on the final battle (hopefully).


Story wise, it was ok. They skipped out on Reinhard’s death scene, but the entire episode was filled with explosive action and a build up to present day. Animation was alright but let’s cross our fingers for an excellent finale.


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