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It’s not everyday you see your favorite anime characters suddenly pop out of your TV screen (or whatever you watch it on). I mean, who doesn’t want to mean their waifu or husbando?

The plot is as simple as it can get. In a fit of revenge, Black Ro…. er…. Altair brings several anime characters to the real world by invading their respective shows and blasting them out. Now all the characters that she brought, have joined forces with their writers to make her send them all back. Of course, the plot sounds extremely cliche for a story plot, and it’s certainly not an idea that no one has ever thought of before.

Our main character is supposed to be a high school student who is suddenly caught in this war all because he was present during the first Creation’s appearance. His involvement is lazily thrown in, and the fact that the main antagonist’s creator was his friend is too coincidental. Despite knowing this fact, it took him several weeks to realize that. His personality is all over the place. He could be confident today, and a crybaby the next. However that change that is present in him affects him in a way that is positive for the story. He realizes his own mistakes after loathing in regret for so long that it almost broke him to the fact he let Chikujoin manipulate him. Setting aside his regrets, his character development is amazing, utilizing that one weakness of him to help defeat their enemy once and for all.

The entire war between Creation and Creation is very reminiscent of famous fight choreography seen in several other anime. All the Creations may be show-original, but some stand out because portray several traits seen in popular characters.

Selesia Upitiria

Our main heroine who comes from a war of both magic and mechanized robots combined. Her real-life counterpart is definitely obvious, Asuna from Sword Art Online. Like Asuna herself, Selesia is a kind and caring person who also is amazing with a blade. Her character development grows upon her relationship with her creator, Matsubara and how she comes to bring her friend Charon to rest, and eventually bring him down with her in a magnificent exit. My favorite character so far!

Mamika Kirameki

Basically Madoka, but darker and she actually gets killed very early on.

Alicetaria February

Take Guts from Berserk, and make her look and act like Saber from Fate/stay night. Simple as that.

Magane Chikujoin

This one is also a rip-off, and a gender-bender one too. Izaya, we’re talking about you here, you sadistic bastard. Meet your twin sister.


Ok this one also happens to be a rip-off. Well, actually she’s more of a blending of two well-known characters. I’ll explain.

Altair is basically a grimdark version of Hatsune Miku, with a backstory belonging to Black Rock Shooter.

When Altair was first drawn by Setsuna Shimazaki, she wasn’t even a legit character. The picture was uploaded onto whatever they call deviantART there. Later, someone liked the drawing so much that they made a music video using Altair and giving her “powers.” From then on, several people began doing this to Altair, thus she gained an infinite number of powers, including the ability to bring herself to reality.

This is actually based on a true story, since Black Rock Shooter was created in the exact same way, except that the creator didn’t commit suicide (thankfully haha).

Lots of character development (except Sota), and an interesting plot for Troyca’s original anime. The direction that the show took for the climatic finale was amazing, and served as a near-perfect ending for one of the greatest shows this year. Looks like we’ll be seeing Meteora around more often haha. 






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