Anime Review | Attack on Titan

The glory of what humanity has started…. has been struck down once again. What humanity had once saw… will never be the same again. That tagline has stuck with the show ever since the premiere episode of the 1st season began airing in 2013, and still does even after the end of the 2nd season earlier this year. But was the wait all worth it?

The premise is pretty simple. A gigantic titan breaches through the walls that had kept humanity safe for over a century and begins devouring humans in endless gore. For the past hundred years, humanity has developed the technology and defense to fight against these raging monsters. The use of this technology, the omni-directional 3D Maneuvering Gear has been utilized by humanity’s soldiers who brave themselves to slaughter these titans at an extremely high risk.

For what the story stands, it is executed fairly well. The author, Hajime Isayama made a very good decision to not stick with Weekly Shonen Jump, which would have down-graded the intensity and story-line that made Attack on Titan so amazing.

The characters are also distinct in their own way, and our main protagonist is met with tragedy and motivation to fight from the very beginning, setting forth his path to “kill all the titans.” Because of Eren’s impulsive and destructive nature, Mikasa acts as his remedy for all the tragedy he has faced throughout his time in the Scout Regiment. While Mikasa is there, she eventually develops into a strong and independent woman who can hold her own, and vows to protect Eren, whom she knows will often get himself in trouble. Another person to note this fatal faw in Eren is Armin, who reluctantly joins the Scout Regiment despite his genius intellect to protect his friends. That motivation comes from his grandfather, who left to “work” but never returned. Assuming that his grandfather was long dead, he thrived to make sure none of his friends meet the same fate as him.

Music also is a plus, with several memorable theme songs provided by Linked Horizon once again. The Season 1 theme song, Guren no Yumiya, translates into “Crimson Bow and Arrow”. At first read, it may not sound like anything, but it actually acts as a metaphor that refers to the burning heart of the soldiers. The Season 2 theme song, Shinzou wo Sasageyo translates into “Sacrifice Your Hearts”, which is a term referring to the undying dedication said by Erwin Smith as he induces new members into the Scout Regiment, and possibly on every single of their Expeditions outside the walls. In any case, the term pretty much applies to every soldier from the moment they chose to enlist.

VERDICT – Attack on Titan was most certainly an enjoyment and kept me hooked to my seat. Several episodes ended on cliffhangers, which had me begging for more in the next episode.

SCORE – 5/5 


One thought on “Anime Review | Attack on Titan

  1. Party

    It’s very straight forward explanation of the anime, from a fan of show, it explain the three main characters which are Eren, Mikasa, Armin. The translation for the opening songs are good, although a well known song for this anime is Reluctant Hero which is the theme song for the Survey Corp. Overall a very good article.

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